Signs You Need Electrical Upgrade

The electrical system of your home comes easily as an important feature for a decent living, and perhaps the most crucial component of this system is the electrical panel. The electrical panel is an important part of the electrical system for it’s responsible in taking power from outside line. After that, it distributes all throughout the lines of your home. That’s how critical your electrical panel is. If it’s already old or dated, it might not function as effectively and safely as how it should be. This can definitely lead to a number of serious issues in your humble abode. That said, you have to make sure that you spruce up your panel once it reaches being old. To be specific, these are the telltale signs that it’s time for your panel to have an upgrade based on the observations of seasoned Middletown electricians.

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Sign 1- When the breakers tend to trip constantly

Circuit breakers are found inside our electrical panel. An interesting feature about them is that whenever they’re overloaded, they trip. That’s how they were designed. The reason behind this mechanism is avoidance of overflowing of electricity flow. This keeps our homes safe. An alarming observation is that most of our living spaces have the tendency to exceed too much on what is considered to be a normal amount. So, we actually depend on breakers to avoid our homes from getting any accidents involving electricity.

But even if the circuit breaker tripping signifies that the whole system is working just fine as a deterrent against power-related incidents, you still need to check its frequency of tripping episodes. Observe the breakers. How many times did they already trip in just a short span of time? If the tripping has quite become more frequent than what it seems to be right, this might be a sign that the whole panel is already dated. It’s no longer equipped to handle the influx of power needed by the home. This already warrants an electrical panel upgrade.

Sign 2- When the breakers will not stay reset

It’s quite common knowledge among power-savvy homeowners that whenever the breaker trips inside the electrical panel, its simple solution is to flip the panel’s switch. This resets the whole system and have the power to flow again. But if your breaker will fail to stay reset as what you’d expect it to be, this could be your sign of a larger concern for your electrical panel. To answer this problem, we strongly advise you to seek professional help from electricians and most likely, they’ll do an upgrade of your panel.

Sign 3- When the system still has fuses

If you live in a house that’s built in the 80s (or even much older), chances are, the electrical panel that you have still has fuses. This is in contrast with your modern electrical panels for they don’t have that feature. Innovations of recent years have discovered that fuses are prone to danger. Whenever they blow, they’re inconsistent in stopping power flow. This puts any home at risk of fire and electrocution.

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