Different Ways to Clean Carpets

Everyone knows the importance of a clean carpet but not everyone understands how carpets should be cleaned. Of course, the easiest way to remove all the grime, dirt, and germs from your carpet is to hire the professionals. By hiring the best Rochester NY carpet cleaning professionals, you will never go wrong.

But there are other ways to do it too, especially if hiring the cleaners right then and there isn’t included in your current month’s budget. For one thing, you can either buy or rent a carpet steam cleaner. Either way, you can clean your carpet better than just vacuuming it. But don’t get it wrong. There’s still nothing replacing the work of a professional.

How to Choose a Steam Cleaner

If you want to rent or buy a steam cleaner, be sure to check if it requires hot tap water or if it has a heating element in it. This will allow you to choose the model that’s right for your needs. The former is a good choice if you have hot water easily available from the pipe.

You should also try to research or ask about how the machine works. Oftentimes, these machines operate by adding your choice of a cleaning solution in one of its receptacles and then moving the machine carefully over your carpet. The steam cleaner should successfully suck up all the deep-seated dirt.

Drying the Carpet

Perhaps the more challenging phase of carpet cleaning is drying. If you’re using a rented or bought steam cleaner, you may have to wait for a full 24 hours before your carpet gets dry. Some carpet may even shrink during the process. But if your carpet is made natural, untreated fibers, then you won’t have a problem with this.

But if you hire the professionals, drying time is much quicker. This is one of the reasons why not a lot of people want to invest in a carpet steam cleaning machine. That is unless they are also willing to invest in a hot water extractor as well. Professional carpet cleaners use a powerful machine that can suck up excess water on your carpet so that drying time goes down to just one to two hours.

Carpet Cleaning Costs

The cost of carpet cleaning is a huge concern as well. The prices will depend on where you reside and the size of the carpet or room that has to be cleaned. On the average, you’ll be paying $50 per room.

If you think that paying the professionals is cheaper than buying the machine, then go for the cleaners. After all, you only have to hire them once every year. Their professional machines make your carpet look good and much cleaner for longer. Plus you don’t have to do any of the manual work. With the help of professional cleaners, you only have to do regular vacuuming and your carpet should be good for the entire year.

Just ask your choice of service provider all your questions such as the cleaning solutions to be used on your carpet prior to having them over. If you have pets and kids at home, it’s best if you choose eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

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